Comprehensive Query Features

Query data from the applications and presents into Google Sheets

Query service :

  • Query data from the applications and presents into Excel Worksheets

  • Filter by field name to query the data

  • Can order the data by ascending or descending

  • Select the needed fields and query data

Use case

> Pull all data from your App objects and store it into a Workbook.

Your App

Worksheet Director


Sample query data


  • Select the Connection

Select Service

  • Select Get Service

Select Object

  • Select object form dropdown

Select Fields

  • You can select the required fields.

  • Pick up the fields you need under the Fields sections.


  • Select the Filters as required.

  • Filters include fields, matches, value.

  • Click + icon to add more filters


  • You can Sort the records that you need in order

  • Select the Field

  • Select the Order

  • Click + icon to add more Order

Max Results

  • You can fetch as much as records you want

  • Select the maximum result that is required.


  • Destination settings allows users to configure the destination file where the executed data needs to be saved.

  • Click on execute to pull the data into sheet

  • Click save to save the service

Sample output:

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